Foilmakers is your one-stop partner for all your decorative and functional coatings including metallic, pigment, pearl, holographic, security, washable and cold foils amongst many other coatings. One stop for the best of 2 worlds. Milford Astor Foilmakers and API foils, both of which now operate under the Aldus Foilmakers division.

Anyone who has ever used foils in their packaging knows that it is essential that the pigmented or metallised coat be compatible with the substrate. For this reason, foils are manufactured in various formulations designed to give quality prints on a specific material. Also incorporated in the foils are qualities such as abrasion resistance, oil and grease resistance, and chemical resistance. Gloss, semi-gloss and matt finishes are also available in a wide range of colours.

At Foilmakers, we can also provide customers with custom made foils where a specific formulation or colour is not available from our standard stock (subject to minimum run quantities). With a combined portfolio from Milford Astor Foilmakers and API Foilmakers, we are sure customers will be able to find products to suit various specific needs across a wide variety of industries and applications.