At Foilmakers, we are proud of our rich history. The company’s original know-how comes from two sources, one source being Maple Roll Leaf, set up in Australia and then subsequently bought by ITW, except for the Australian operations.  The other source being Markem/Astor Universal which was bought by API, also except for the Australian operations.


Both Australian operations from Maple Roll Leaf and API were bought by Milford Astor in the 1980's and 1990's. This put Milford Astor in a unique position as it was able to capitalise on both sets of chemistries. Since then, there have been further developments to make products more flexible, compliant with new laws, and more environmentally friendly.


The company's strengths are in pigment foils for both plastics and graphics applications. It also produces a range of specialty foils and metallics foils for graphics applications. 


Foilmakers' manufacturing plant in Melbourne, Australia is a small plant, with flexibility to accept orders for relatively short runs of unique colour matches. Our vast portfolio of products, both past and present, our in-house slitting facilities and our colour matching services, will ensure that we can support you in your seach for that hard-to-find, made-to-order product.

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Our Core Values


What we are here for; their satisfaction is how we measure our success.


We will honour all our promises. We will always tell the truth. We will respect each other.

Quality & Excellence

Our company is R&D led. Our aim is to provide customers with the best quality products in our industry, that are rivalled only by our service excellence.


We own the decisions we make. The outcomes we deliver are results driven to our customers. We are proud of what we do.

Our History


Ronai Engineering Founded


Milford Astor Founded in the UK


Ronai Engineering purchased by Aldus Stockdale


Milford Astor Australia purchased by Newman Family


Ronai Engineering changes its name to Aldus Engineering


Tronics builds its first applicator in a Melbourne garage


Moore Family purchase Aldus Engineering


Tronics acquires the Videojet distribution and opens New Zealand office


Aldus Engineering purchase Graftek


Aldus Engineering and Tronics merge forming Aldus Tronics


Aldus Tronics purchases Paragon Inks Australia


Aldus Tronics purchases Milford Astor/Foilmakers and the parent company becomes known as Aldus with Aldus Graphics, Tronics, Milford Astor, Foilmakers and Paragon Inks Australia trading under Aldus


Aldus purchases API Foils Europe and API Foils Europe becomes API Foilmakers.